The Year of Championships

What a year it was to be a sports fan. There were some exciting games, some were stressful, and there were some flat-out unbelievable comebacks. In my opinion, this was probably one of the best years for sports. Every once in a while you watch a championship series of a certain sport and think “damn, that’s one of the best games I’ve ever seen”! For me, this was the year that really stood out to me. The NBA finals, World Series, NCAA National championship, and the Super Bowl all blew my hair back. One after another, each championship game/series left me borderline speechless. What do you think was the best championship game/series of this past year?

The Cleveland Cavaliers. Lebron finally brings home a championship to the city of Cleveland. After all those years of shitty sports teams, Lebron put them on the map. We know damn well the Cleveland shit stain Browns aren’t getting anywhere near a trophy anytime soon. The Indians, well we will cover them in just a bit with the world series. But back to the NBA finals. Golden State Warriors and the Cavs. The rematch. Can Steph Curry do it again? Well, after the first two games everyone started to think so. The Warriors out scoring the Cavs 214- 166. Two blow out games.  Lebron’s hair-line creeping further and further back. Jump to game 3. Lebron puts on a show shooting for 32 points.  A blow out win for the Cavs. Quick side note. At the time, I was pissed that I was watching the NBA finals and each game was a blow out. This was the finals correct? It’s unacceptable for the top two teams of the league to allow the other team to blow them out. Anyway, game 4 was a little closer and the Warriors were up 3 games to 1. Steph Curry hitting shots from half court all while chewing on that gnarly mouth piece. Draymond Green’s big ass head smiling from year to year and pretty much saying it was over. There was no way that the Warriors were losing this series. To much offense. Siiiiike. Bron Bron shoots for 41 in game  5, and then another 41 in game 6. Did someone say game 7? No one would have everrrr guessed (rolls eyes). Well, we all know what transpired next. Cleveland wins its first championship in 52 years. 52 years? Wow it must suck to live in Cleveland. What was more impressive, the comeback of down 3-1 to win it all or the resurgence of Lebron’s hair line? I’ll go with the hair line.

3 months later Cleveland is at it again in the World Series. Which by the way, why the hell is it called the “World” Series? That is a rhetorical question. I know why it’s called that but it just doesn’t make sense to me. The world baseball classic should be called the world series. After all its teams from all over the world. Sorry, completely side tracked there.. Back to the 2016 World Series.

The Chicago Cubs vs. Cleveland Indians. Two teams who haven’t won a championship since dinosaurs were around. I am not going to lie, I was rooting for the Cubs to take it all. I am a big fan of Joe Maddon for obvious reasons (Rays coach ’06-14). This was going to play out to be another thrilling yet unbelievable come back. Steve Bartman was shitting his pants every single pitch as he was hiding away on the side of a mountain somewhere. Who knew that Joe Ma would have the cubbies playing in the world series only two seasons in? I had a feeling when he left Tampa that he was destined for something great. He could now spend more than $35 and a 10 piece spicy nugget for players. Chicago is loaded with young talent at all positions. The World Series started off not how they expected. Corey Kluber out dueling the veteran Jon Lestahhh in game one. The cubs needed to at least split games in Cleveland to gain some confidence going back to Wrigley field. The more I look at the name Wrigley the more strange it becomes. Jake Arrieta pitched a gem and the cubbies took game 2. Chicago was boomin.  I mean for crying out loud, it was 1908 since the city witnessed a world series win. Do you know what was around in 1908?? Me either. Thanks to google though, I found out. The Wright brothers introduced something called an air-o-plane. Henry Ford released the first affordable automobile. I mean shit, we are almost at a point now where both of those things combined as one will be around. Scary. To say the least, Chicago Cubs fans were ready to break the curse. Ready to snap the 7 consecutive world series losses. Then game 3 and 4 came and went. All of a sudden there they are again, staring at a 3-1 game deficit. If only Moises Alou would have grabbed Bartman by his big ass ears and pulled him over the railing. I always wonder what I would have done in that situation. I would have tossed him over the rail, Stone Cold Steve Austin a beer or two and then gave him a flying elbow drop off the left field railing. Can I get a “OH HELL YEA”! Stop me if you heard this before but the Cubs had a mountain to climb. Tossing Lester and Arrieta the next two games and winning both. Dun DUN DUNNN. Game 7! The whole world watching. Will the cubs finally win a world series?! Will the Indians follow pursuit of the Cavs and bring home a 2nd championship to the city of Cleveland? 6-6 at the end of the 9th inning. Game 7 and its going into extra innging’s. You couldn’t have written the script better. Top of the 10th inning and the cubs are ready to party. This is how the top half of the inning played out. Lead off single, intentional walk, double, intentional walk, and a single. Next thing you know the cubs are up 8-6. The rest is history. Joe Maddon and the Cubs have done it. The unthinkable. Coming back from  3 games to 1 and winning its first championship in a million years. I was so excited for Joe Ma and my man Zobrist for winning it all. One of the greatest World Series I’ve ever watched.


Lets jump to a few months later and this time its the NCAA National Championship game. Alabama vs. Clemson. The rematch. Two of the top defenses in the country. The best quarterback in college (Watson) vs. the greatest college coach (Saban). My money was on Clemson. Deep down I thought Alabama was going to win. Over the next 4 hours, there were a lot of beers pounded and a couple changes of underwear. This game was ridiculous. After two quick long runs for a touchdown by big Bo Scarbrough, I thought for a second this game was going to get out of hand quickly. Clemson never quit and just kept pounding away. *That’s what she said*. Going into half time Alabama up 14-7. Exchanging touchdowns and bama kicking a field goal, the score was 24-14 Alabama going into the 4th and final quarter. This is when shit starts to get crazy. This guy by the name of Mike Williams, who I think may end up on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers next season, started making some pretty unbelievable catches. Clemson took the lead with 4:38 left on the clock. Up 28-24. Still plenty of time for Saban to work some of his magic. First, let me say real quick that Jalen Hurts doesn’t have a very good arm. Good thing the man has some wheels though. Clemson was ready to shut it down and hit the strip clubs along Dale Mabry. All they needed to do was to stop Alabama on a 4th and 1. Well, the crimson tide had other plans. Not only did they convert the 4th down, but a few plays later, Hurts laced up the Nike’s and took off for a 30 yard touchdown run. Now up 31-28. Raymond James stadium is rocking. Dabo just shit his pants. 2 minutes and 7 seconds left in the game down by 3. Deshaun Watson puts on the Jansport backpack and carries his team down the field. Clemson is on the 2 yard line with 8 seconds to play. Championship is on the line. A quick pass to Renfrow for the touchdown! The unthinkable happened. Nick Saban was just handed his first championship loss. Deshaun Watson takes off running down the field like Will Farrell does when he goes streaking in the movie Old School. The Clemson Tigers have won the national championship. Vegas goes crazy and I stumble to the fridge for another cold one. This was one of the best if not the best college football championship game I have watched. I know, I have said that about the previous 2 sports championship games but that’s why this is called the year of championships! The only other college football game that I think may top that game was the Vince Young vs Reggie Bush national championship. The only reason I would say the USC vs Texas game was more thrilling is that they just dropped the gloves and went back and forth each drive. Instant classic.

Andddddd now we are at the Super Bowl. The Patriots *rolls eyes* and the Atlanta Falcons. I can not stand the New England Patriots. Being a Colts fan, I just despise the hell out of those guys. Tom Brady. Bill Belichick. The only reason I hate them is because they are so damn good. Honestly, its hard for me to admit it but Jesus, that Brady guy is unbelievable. Super Bowl 51. The high power offense of Atlanta vs the stingy defense of the Patriots. I’m not going to lie, I had my money on the Falcons to pull this one off. I thought there were to many weapons on offense for the Patriots to stop. The first half showed exactly what I was thinking. Everything that happened in this game is just mind blowing. Brady throws a pick 6. I don’t think I have ever seen that. Falcons put up 21 points at half to New Englands 3. The Patriots were lost like a whore in church. They had no answer for anything in the first half. Im not sure what happened at half, if it was Lady Gaga jumping from the roof or if Gronk went in the locker room to give one of his dumbass speeches, but the Patriots came out of the locker room a whole new team. I don’t think there is a better team at making half time adjustments than good ole Belichick and the boys. Don’t get me wrong, the Patriots made adjustments and came out to play in the second half but I think even more than that, the Falcons just took a massive shit. Im not sure what they were thinking in the second half but I can tell you, it wasn’t about stopping magnificent Tom Brady.  At the end of the 3rd quarter the Falcons were up 28-9. Pretty much a wrap right? Ehhhhh. Brady had other plans. He wanted to humiliate Roger Goodell and make him hand that damn Lombardi trophy to him and Robert Craft. So Brady got to work. Doing what Brady does, marches his team up and down the field and cutting through the defense like a warm knife through butter. Even though the score was close, the stats show otherwise. The Falcons only converted 1 third down conversion all game. ONE! That is not good. Time of possession was a landslide for the Patriots. The Patriots dominated the second half and tied the game up to push it to overtime.  Thankfully when the Patriots won the overtime coin toss, they didn’t pull a Matt Hasselbeck and tell the ref “we’ll take the ball, and we’re going to score”. Right on Matt. We all know what happened next. Not the Patriots. Not Tom Brady. They win the toss and do what they do best. Drive right down the field to set up what will be the greatest come back win in super bowl history. James White runs it in from about 6 yards out. Game, Blouses. They did it.. Tom Brady wins Super Bowl number 5. Making him the most decorated man in football. I am going to make a statement that I NEVER thought I would say. It takes a lot for me to say this especially with the amount of hate I have for this bastard but, TOM BRADY IS THE GREATEST QUARTERBACK OF ALL TIME.  There I said it and I just threw up. Okay okay enough of loathing of the guy. I still can’t believe they came back to win that game. Greatest Super Bowl ever? It’s definitely right there if not the best. Still hate them.

What a crazy year it was. Too bad none of them were the teams I root for. From the look of things, I may be like those Cubs fans waiting 200 years for a Commissioners Trophy.

What do you think was the best championship series of the last year? How would you rank these series to others in the past? What is your favorite championship game/series you have watched? My favorite championship game came in 2007, Super Bowl XLI. The Indianapolis Colts win the Super Bowl. Manning wins MVP and I cry while being carried around a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant by a 6’4 220 pound man. That day I will never forget.


2 thoughts on “The Year of Championships

  1. For me the best series had to be Cleveland Golden state because of the unbelievable comeback, individual performances, and watching lebron finally bring a trophy to the city. But then again I’m a huge bron fan and love seeing him triumph. I’m also upset you made me laugh at him with that hairline joke.

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