McGregor vs. Mayweather

Could the super fight of the century finally go down? Reports surfaced yesterday that the two sides were “very, very close” to agreeing on the fight. Well what the hell does very very close mean? And who started the rumor? According to Mayweather, there has been no agreement and things don’t appear to even be close. I wish I was that powerful to say something and the whole internet runs with it. Could you imagine that?! Breaking News: NBA owner gets into a fist fight with former player! Oh wait, that actually did happen. No but seriously, how do I get to that level of starting a rumor and the world hears about it? Anyway, about these two clowns. I am a huge McGregor fan. If I was a betting man, I am going with Conor McGregor all day long on this one. I would love to see him just beat the living shit out of Mayweather. Theres just something about McGregor that I love. His cockiness is through the roof. His shit talking is grade A. The ass whoopin’s he hands out, are entertaining. Everything about him I dig. Will this fight ever happen? I think we have a better chance at seeing the Cleveland Browns hoist the Lombardi trophy next season. Okay okay thats a little far fetched but still. Floyd wants his $100 million and so does McGregor. Originally Floyd had the splits at $7 million to his $100 million. That seems real fair. After all, $100 million dollars to run around and dance in the ring for 12 rounds is ridiculous. I’ll go get my ass beat for $7 million dollars. Hell, I’d do it for 40 bucks. I wish these two would just come to some common ground and get it done. The world wants to see it. Honestly, I don’t think Floyd wants to do it. What does Conor McGregor have to lose? If he gets beat, then he loses his first ever professional boxing match. He’s not a boxer. He’s never solely trained to be a boxer. He’s a fighter. Floyd on the other hand, cant afford to lose this match. All hell would break loose. Could you imagine the amount of memes and little videos people would make. I think Conor’s head would explode by the time he got out of the ring if he won. I want to see it happen. The double champ does whatever the F*ck he wants! What do you think? Will it happen? Who would win? Check out some of the shit talking between these guys since last year..


Other UFC notes. Ronda Rousey took another L this year. Another disappointing loss. All the hype leading up to the fight just to get embarrassed again. Her fighting career is over. Maybe she should give Vince McMahon a call to get some action in the WWE. Start a clothing line or something. Just don’t step back in the octagon again. Here is the latest gem from her last loss. rousey

Holly Holm, who handed Rousey her first loss with the vicious kick to the noggin, lost to the scary looking Germaine de Randamie at UFC 208. First of all, I’ve never heard of a woman by the name of Germaine. Is this like that Juawanna Mann movie? S(he) just switched the J to a G in her first name. Something’s a little fishy (uh, gross). Anyhow, Holm is appealing the loss because of late punches thrown after the bell was rung in rounds 2 and 3. The chances of it getting over turned are probably pretty slim. Good try though Holly.

Anderson Silva. How in the world did he win that fight? Did the judges just want to see Silva leave the game on a high note? Im not sure what match they were watching but Derek Brunson owned that fight. Brunson had 2 take downs, had more “significant” strikes, and had double the number of total strikes. Explain that one to me? He also, is appealing. Im not too familiar with the appeal system in the UFC , but I wonder what they have to say about this one. Luckily for them, they don’t have a commissioner by the name of Roger Goodell.

Tyron Woodley throws hands with “The Wonderboy” Stephen Thompson at UFC 209. Should be a slobber knocker.


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