Is the 600 HR club still prestigious?

Is this once exclusive club still so exclusive? Does a player hitting 600 HR’s in their career still as big of a deal as it was years ago? In my eyes, absolutely yes. What appears to be in other people’s eyes, not so much. Big Albert “The Machine” Pujols just notched his 600th homerun and to some, you may not have even heard about it. Absolutely ridiculous. Why in the hell is this milestone that Pujols just received, not being talked about? I watched this at bat live and had a smile on my face as he rounded the bases and hug his teammates after crossing home plate. Why was I smiling? The guy just hit his 600th HR!!! There have only been 8 other players to reach this. Let me re type that so you can read it twice. ONLY 8 other players have reached this feat! Maybe it still isn’t clicking. Lets break this down a little further. There have been roughly 15,000+ baseball players to ever play in the major leagues. Now do you see why I’m a little pissed no one is acknowledging the work this man has put in? He is the 4th fastest player to hit 600. Oh, and lets not forget to mention that at least 3 of those 8 others, were busted for steroids. Now, I can’t sit here and say that Pujols has never done steroids but I can tell you that he has never been tested positive for them. If you’re anything like me, then the 3 that have been tested positive for PED, don’t even really count. If you have a problem with that, then explain to me why they should matter after cheating and getting an advantage.

Is the reason why Pujols 600th homerun is not being recognized because his bat has stalled over the last few years? Is it because he plays in L.A. but not for the bigger L.A. team? Is it because he’s not in the news for being a shit head person? I have had the pleasure of witnessing 5 of the 8 reach this milestone. Granted to me, A-Rod, Sosa, and Bonds got to that number with some help. Now I don’t want to take away everything from those goons but I mean lets be seriously, how many of those HR’s were hit with the help of the juice? Albert Pujols in my opinion is in the top 5 for greatest right handed hitters in the history of MLB.

You know what Pujols received when that 600th ball went flying over the fence? He got a cool 600 sign on the scoreboard. I don’t know, maybe my thinking on this is a little extreme, but I think this deserves to be recognized a lot more than what is has been. Another reason could be because ESPN is over here blowing every person associated with the NBA. Don’t even get me started on that train.

Albert Pujols, congratulations on hitting number 600. I look forward to seeing you mash number 700.