ESPN cuts loose 

100 people were laid off by the powerhouse ESPN yesterday. A sad day for those reporters and ocn air host who lost their job. A ton of them who are veterans to the game and who have been around a looooong time. What in the hell is ESPN doing? I heard rumors that this was coming but it really set me off when I read the tweet from Ed Weder saying he was let go. Let’s rewind just 30 minutes before that tweet. The poor guy tweeted out a picture of his dog with what appears to be his significant other (?) hand feeding it with a spoon. Telling the world that his dog was in his final days of life. You couldn’t have waited to tell the guy the next day that he was out of a job? That’s just dirty. Tons of other big names were let go as well. Like that bald guy Trent Dilfer. No more Dilfer Dimes?! Damn man now I’m upset. ESPN decided to get rid of every single soul that covers hockey for them. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SECOND ROUND OF PLAYOFFS! I have a couple issues with this. 1. Like I just mentioned, it’s literally the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. 2. Why the hell does this network not care about the sport of hockey? They haven’t cared about hockey since…ever? And last but certainly not least, Im not sure if I can only listen to Barry mullet Melrose for the 30 seconds that they do get coverage. How did he make the cut? 

Speaking of making the cut. How in cows shit did Stephen A Smith make the cut? Why is this asshole still on TV? Every time he’s on my tv screen I have to turn the volume down 13 notches. Why does he scream every time he speaks? The guy acts like he’s the king when it comes to NBA coverage. Or any coverage for that matter. No, Stephen A Smith, I don’t hate you because you’re black. I just hate your coverage of sports.  Someone get this string bean head out of here.  

ESPN President John Skipper said that shows like “SC6” with Michael Smith and Jemele Hill is what he wants to “power the franchise in the future.” Uhhh first off, what? Big head scratcher. THAT’S who you want to be the powerhouse? I can’t say that I have been able to last more than 7 minutes into that show. Total snooze fest. This can’t be serious. My man Stewart Scott is turning in his grave right now. Hey Mr. President, why don’t you skip your ass out of town as well. 

ESPN has turned into this dreadful sports network. I can’t lie, I am on the website through out the day multiple times. I don’t know where else to go for main sports coverage. I’m just about sick and tired of reading bogus stories that are completely irrielevant to what’s happening in the sports world. I don’t care if someone dyed their hair, I don’t care that someone didn’t want to attend the White House, and I certainly don’t care about Harbourgh giving the Pope a pair of Jordan’s and a helmet. This network has turned into this entertainment station with very little news. Im curious to see where ESPN will be in 5 years from now. 

Where do you go for your sports NEWS?